Are you going to try fresh Truffles this year!!!

Deli Delicious has always had a range of fantastic gourmet goods that include truffles such as oils, salt and tapenades, but for the first time, we are now taking orders for fresh truffles!

So, what exactly is a Truffle?

“The truffle is an edible fungus that grows underground through a symbiotic relationship with the roots of specific host trees. When the tree and the fungal filaments reach maturity, usually after about five years, the fruiting body or truffle is produced and occurs seasonally thereafter.” (Oak Valley Truffles)

But what you REALLY want to know is, ‘What do I do with a truffle? How do I use it?”

With a strong flavour and a hefty price tag, the truffle is used in very small quantities to bring out amazing flavours in many different ways. Shave a small amount to garnish a smooth mushroom risotto, or mix a small amount with a creamy sauce and pour over the top of a thick juicy steak. The choice is yours.

Find your inner Masterchef and give the almighty truffle a try in this week’s meal plan.
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