Cheese Club

We invite you to come and join us on our latest journey!
The Deli-Delicious Cheese Club is the epitome of education and quality with our cheeses on offer. We want you to experience what we have here from the heart of our store as well as feel the passion we have poured into these boxes.


Our latest Creation

The Artisan:

Filled with a selection of hand made crackers, Australian grown olives and an exquisite line of cheese from across the globe


How does it work?

Simple. We are offering 2 different cheese boxes for you to choose from, with the option of adding gourmet extras; just by clicking on the links below.

Orders will be sent out weekly on Wednesdays. If you order after Tuesday at 6:00pm, then your order willed be shipped the following week.

Once you have completed and placed your order, agree to the terms and conditions to then enjoy your personalised box of cheese delivered to your doorstep.

Cheese is our passion here at Deli-Delicious. Between Tom and the team there is a wealth of knowledge we are promoting into these boxes. Not only will the cheese boxes routinely change their menu but will also include additional exclusive offers and information only for our members.

If you have any further queries please feel free to contact us.

Friday Nights

Introducing our very first cheese box! It includes 4 varieties of cheese, also including our very own marinated baby figs, muscatels, rolada, smoked almonds and Beerenberg paste. This box that has a lot to offer. Serves 6-8 people.

Beemster Gouda- Dutch Gouda

- Coming from northern parts of Holland, this cheese is as relaxed and flavoursome as its fellow companions from up there. Arriving here in a 13kg wheel, this cheese needs 120-130 litres of milk… for 1 wheel! Yet it delivers its’ flavour and spark in style, proving to be the staple of many platters we are making here in store. Pasteurised cows milk. Animal rennet

King Island Smoked Cheddar- Australian Cheddar

- Coming just off the mainland, we have an authentic and rich naturally smoked cheddar. Being smoked from hardwood in small batches. Normally cheeses gain this essence through a liquid additive, however King Island have spared no expense in going against the norm and using a somewhat more traditional method. We have witnessed first hand how this is done, and the simplicity within the process, making each wheel of cheese unique and truly special.
Pasteurised cows milk. Non animal rennet.

Cantorel Bleu Cremeux- French Blue

- French blue is made in the heart of the Auvergne region, this blue is no slouch. The young blue sets out into the world with 4 weeks under its belt, providing a creamy yet slightly spicy and salty finish. To help balance this cheese, the youth provides a really interesting combination of flavours that is incredibly unique to this blue.
Pasteurised cows milk. Animal rennet.


Cantorel Giants Brie- French Brie

- This cheese is no small feet … However comes in with a plethora of body to share. This French brie is distinguished with its elastic and creamy texture providing a mild taste with a unique aroma. This brie matures with little to no breakdown of the white bloom, leaving it with a soft and buttery texture with no ammonia aftertaste.
Pasteurised cows milk. Animal Rennet


Panettone Tartufo- Australian Pecorino

- Made by That’s Amore’, this lovely, creamy and slightly crumbly textured pecorino has a lot of subtle flavours to offer. Be sure to try it by itself to catch the perfect amount of truffle through the body of it.
Pasteurised cows milk. Non animal rennet.

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The Experimental

Bastardo Del Grappa- Italian Semi hard

- Formally known as the Bastards cheese, this bad boy has a tremendous amount flavour. Dating right back to 800AD this cheese was and still is produced in the heart of the pastures of the Veneto region. The name comes from the procedure in which it is made, using the leftover milk from the other cheeses so that waste was kept to a minimum. However today, it is created with its very own cow and goats milk giving it a hazelnut flavour.
Pasteurised cow & goat milk.

Honey Truffled Goats Cheese- Dutch Semi hard

- Wow, hold onto your seats and stay tuned for this one. With one of the best combinations we have seen, this goats cheese has a sweet initial honey flavour hit, followed by the remains of truffle sitting on your palette. Matured for 6 months, in the gorgeous realms known as Holland. This will blow you away.
Pasteurised goats milk.

Langres- French Brie/Washed rind

- Pronounced Long, with your best french accent! Coming from the high plains near the town Langres, known as the champagne region of France; this cheese is soft, creamy, orange in colour with a chalky distinguished sunken centre. This cheese won gold at the world cheese awards in 2016-17! Best eaten at room temperature (because that’s when all the flavours come out to play).
Pasteurised cows milk.

Moro Formaggi DiVino- Italian semi hard

- DiVino, one of Italy’s’ finest - has been matured for 3 months, soaked in sweet red wine and this flavour doesn’t stop on the surface. This cheese has been skewered to allow for the sweet flavour of red wine to remain present throughout the whole cheese. A nice alternative to the usual cheddar.
Pasteurised cows milk.

Cremeux D’Argental

- This creamy and buttery brie is one for the ladies. Hosting all of the staple flavours of a brie, the D’Argental is a nice finishing cheese that even the safest of cheese eaters will love.
Pasteurised cows milk.

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