Friday night cheese box

Friday night cheese box


The Friday night cheese box is designed to make your life easy, with 5 exclusive cheeses and an array of options available to you, this box is a one-stop-shop for any gatherings you plan on turning up at.

  • Smoked Cheddar (170g)

  • Blue Vein OR Truffle Pecorino (150g)

  • Cantorel Giants Brie (200g)

  • Beemster Semi-Hard (270g)

  • Beerenberg Paste (40g)

  • Rolada (75g)

  • Muscatels (100g)

  • Smoked Almonds (100g)

  • Marinated Baby Figs (220g)

  • Crackers (non GF) (250g)

Savoury extras:
Blue OR Pecorino?:
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