A step forward

Here at Deli-Delicious, we are proud to present our latest venture into the world of confectionery. Here in store our owner Tom has been working to keep our family fudge recipe relevant by creating a plethora of different flavours to combine it with. Finding inspiration from our products here in store, Tom has created several indulgent flavours including our famous traditional salted caramel fudge.

Hard at work we also have our foot in the door with our marinated baby figs. With the store having one of Queensland’s largest cheese displays on offer, we found it fitting to provide our customers with an authentic product that will compliment your cheese preference. We started this journey by wanting to explore a way to enhance our cheeses’ flavour and we found that the best way to achieve this was with an element of sweetness which we gained through the baby figs. Being coated in a rich, sweet and spicy syrup it is a very diverse product that can also be paired with savory meals and cold cut meats.

In addition to these new endeavors we have also ventured further into the wholesale distribution of our products, now nation-wide these two products can be found in an array of stores with plenty more coming through the pipeline.